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            Representative projects for construction and design in recent years

             Project name Project OverviewProject scaleConstruction dateAcceptance 
            Sichuan Dazhu Cultural and Sports CenterPipe truss8000㎡2015Qualified
            Sichuan Zigong Fushun StadiumSolder ball12000㎡2015Qualified
            Sichuan Guang'an Jinxiu Shanhe Comprehensive Training CenterBasic framework8796.78㎡2015Qualified
            Sichuan Guang'an Jinxiu Shanhe Comprehensive Training CenterGrid16780㎡2015Qualified
            Coal Reserve Project of Inner Mongolia Boyuan New Energy Co., Ltd.Grid60000㎡2015Qualified
            Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station Ship Lifting Grid Structure ProjectGrid13000㎡2014Qualified
            Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station Ship Lifting Grid Structure ProjectGrid6550㎡2014Qualified
            Steel grid for raw material shed of Hebei Zongheng Iron and Steel Group CorporationGrid31200㎡2014Qualified
            CNOOC Deepwater Offshore Engineering Equipment Manufacturing Basemanufacture1200T2014Qualified
            Wuhan Heavy Metallurgical Machinery Complete Equipment Group Co., Ltd. Gas Project Phase IIGrid24650㎡2013.08Qualified
            Ordos Zhongbei Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. Selian No. 2 Mine Grid Structure ProjectGrid19400㎡2013.06Excellent
            Hubei Xinchufeng Motor Co., Ltd. Phase II Construction ProjectSteel structure13407㎡2013.05Qualified
            Lanzhou Changzheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Air Cooler / Boiler Combined Plant and Assembly Plant Steel Structure EngineeringSteel structure45753㎡2013.04Qualified
            Roof Grid Structure of Main Building of Guanyinyan Hydropower Station in Panzhihua CityGrid19000㎡2013.04Qualified
            Grid Project of Gymnasium of Sihong County First Experimental SchoolGrid8320㎡2013.04Qualified
            Non-woven Workshop (1) Steel Structure EngineeringSteel structure19000㎡2013.03Qualified
            Xuzhou Zhongtai Coal Mine Safety Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Steel Structure WorkshopSteel structure12600㎡2013.02Qualified
            Roof Grid Roof Project of Xiaogan College GymnasiumSteel grid design6200㎡2013.01Excellent
            East Chinatown BC Block 1 and 13-16 Group Block Glass Roof ProjectsCurtain wall5400㎡2012.01Qualified
            Steel structure project of two steel structure monomer culture halls of Haizhiquan A and B in Yantai Fulaishan ParkSteel structure13500㎡2012.01Qualified
            Relocation of Daqing Oilfield Materials CompanyGrid25000 ㎡2012.03Qualified
            Luquan Quzhai Cement Co., Ltd. made a shed grid frame projectGrid15600㎡2012.04Qualified
            Alu Korqin Banner Landscape Cement Limestone Homogenization Stack Shed Grid Structure ProjectGrid26600㎡2012.06Qualified
            Gymnasium Project of Sichuan Vocational College of Finance and EconomicsGrid11000㎡2012.06Qualified
            Steel structure engineering of the administrative complex, Dongdaemun and gymnasium of the new campus of Pudong Middle SchoolSteel structure6080㎡2012.07Qualified
            Xiaodao Electric Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd. Steel Structure Plant ProjectSteel structure14000㎡2012.07Qualified
            Guangdong Chuntan Cement Production System Reconstruction Project with an Annual Output of 1.5 Million TonsGrid15000㎡2012.08Qualified
            Jilin Forest Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch Phase II Expansion ProjectSteel structure17000 ㎡2012.08Qualified
            Construction of Zhenglu Expressway from Luoyang to Luoning (toll station, gas station greenhouse)Grid14000㎡2012.09Under construction
            Contracts for the glass ceiling project of Group 1 and Group 13-16 of the Block BC of East China CityGlass roof7400㎡2012.10Under construction
            Ordos Junzheng Energy Cement Clinker Comprehensive Utilization (2000t / d) Clinker Production Line ProjectGrid11000㎡2012.11Under construction
            Jincheng Shanshui Heju Cement Co., Ltd. Raw Material Shed Steel Structure ProjectGrid21000㎡2011.12Qualified
            Zunyi Conch Phase I Steel Grid ProjectGrid26000 ㎡2011.10Qualified
            Shandong Quanlin Hongkang Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. Plant EngineeringSteel structure9297㎡2011.10Qualified
            Xinfeng Yuebao Cement 2x4500t / d clinker cement 500t / d clinker cement gridGrid59399㎡2011.08Qualified
            Xuzhou Youhe Mould Factory Phase I ProjectSteel structure10803㎡2011.06Qualified
            Xuzhou Yindi Agricultural Machinery Automobile Market 4S Store Project ConstructionSteel structure17271㎡2011.03Qualified
            Wuhan Outlet Shopping City Phase I Steel Structure ProjectSteel structure4225㎡2011.04Qualified
            Auxiliary raw materials, coal pre-homogenization storage yard and limestone pre-homogenization project in Pu'er City, Yunnan ProvinceGrid10120㎡2011.04Qualified
            Wangchang County Sports Center Post-disaster Reconstruction Gymnasium ProjectGrid3433㎡2011.03Qualified
            Maite (China) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Plant EngineeringSteel structure16918㎡2011.02Qualified
            Korla limestone pre-homogenization stack shed and raw coal pre-homogenization stack shed steel gridGrid11168㎡2011.01Qualified
            Tianshui Forging Machine Co., Ltd. Heavy WorkshopSteel structure26800㎡2010.12Qualified
            Taiyuan Yulong Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Raw Coal Yard Fully Closed Grid Structure ProjectGrid9900㎡2010.10Qualified
            Hefei Meike Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.Steel structure8900㎡2010.08Qualified
            Steel shed project of Rizhao Jinghua new building material 80 tons / year steel slag powder production lineGrid38000㎡2010.07Qualified
            New factory building of Xuzhou No. 2 Coal Mine Machinery PlantSteel structure48000㎡2010.05Qualified
            Gaoying Industrial Park No. 1, 2 and 5 steel structure workshopsSteel structure9244㎡2010.05Excellent
            Luoyang Wanji Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plant Grid Structure ProjectGrid10050㎡2010.03Qualified
            Xuzhou Construction Machinery Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.Steel structure12000㎡2010.03Qualified
            Inner Mongolia Qianfeng Cement FactoryGrid38000㎡2010.03Qualified
            Xuzhou Xinnuo Steel Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Phase II PlantSteel structure、design15800㎡2010.02Qualified
            Shanxi Marriott Meiyue Grand HotelSteel structure, roof4600㎡2010.05Excellent
            Tongshan Hengyuan Public Facilities Management Company Vegetable GreenhouseSteel structure42080㎡2010.02Excellent