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            Grid-framed buildings are a good form of construction
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            In the current urban planning and construction of China, there are more and more application areas of grid processing machinery and equipment, and the installation of this type of industrial production spherical grid must have a high stability factor, so it also has very strict technical requirements for construction. Standards must be prepared relatively well at the time of construction, including inspection of steel parts, supporting facilities and their design elevations, and inspection of various fixed anchor bolts. All the spare parts can be smoothly promoted to the construction, so that the overall construction quality can be reasonably improved. Grid frame processing machinery and equipment are often used in double-storey or high-rise residential buildings that have just been bound. In the actual construction process, in order to improve its stability factor, people must use high-strength bolts to tighten or It is electric welding. Because this type of engineering building construction projects are all carried out outdoors, we must pay attention to temperature changes or erosion chemicals in normal gases, in view of the hazards caused by their appearance design and retractable conditions.

            The engineering construction processed by the grid is a very good engineering construction method. Since the key raw material used is metal composite materials, metal materials have better ductility than other raw materials, which will not only improve the load capacity of the engineering building itself, It can also reduce the construction period and the coefficient of difficulty in construction. Let me tell you about the characteristics of the spherical grid structure.

            1. The members of the spherical grid can participate in the work and have excellent mechanical properties. Its bending stiffness and overall reliability are better than the general plan structure, and it can reasonably bear various asymmetric encryption loads and centralized loads. And dynamic loads.

            2. The structure of the spherical grid has a certain periodicity, which is conducive to construction. Many poles and connection points in the grid structure have the same or similar methods, which facilitates large-scale manufacturing and structural installation, thereby ensuring the quality of engineering construction, accelerating the installation rate on the spot, and considering the current sales market of engineering buildings. The upper contractor expects strict regulations for the construction period of the capital construction and the quality of the construction is very good.

            3, the grid processing structure is multi-directional force. This type of stress method changes the stress condition of the plan structure, so that the raw materials can make more reasonable use of the grid structure. It is an indoor space hinged rod structure. The rods bear the radial forces of different orientations. The section specifications are relatively small. This kind of rods at the intersection of indoor spaces support each other, and the force-bearing rod and the support point system software are chemically combined, so that it can obtain good practical results of economic development.

            4. The overall stress characteristics of all the members in the grid structure make it have large spatial bending stiffness, so the seismic performance is good. Full consideration of the seismic performance of the grid structure is better than other floor plans.

            5. Grid frame processing can meet various regulations. The grid frame structure design is beautiful and elegant, light and atmospheric, and the layout is flexible. It can consider the requirements of building functions and shape design, especially in large spans that require building functions. Pitch and Pillar Netting. Its advantages are even more prominent.

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