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            Nanning China Resources Project successfully broke the plus and minus zero
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            On January 20, 2016, Nanning China Resources East Office Project, which was contracted by the China Construction Eighth Bureau, was responsible for the construction and installation of the steel structure.

            The Nanning China Resources Project is located in the core area of the Nanning Asean Business District. It faces Minzu Avenue in the north, Zhongxin Road in the east, and Zhongtai Road in the south. The total steel volume of the steel structure is about 35,000 tons, and the building height is 445 meters. It is the tall building under construction in Guangxi Province.

            It is reported that the project aims to compete for the Luban Award, and at the same time has passed the LEED CS Gold Certification of the American Green Building Association and the two-star certification of National Green Building Design and Operation. The engineering quality of steel structures is of paramount importance. Among the major difficulties in the early stage of steel structure construction are the location installation, welding, and the control of the installation accuracy of complex structural systems. Relying on its rich construction experience, the industry's management team, and other construction cooperation, China Construction Steel Structure has established and perfected various construction special plans, and carried out control from deepening, production, and installation in various aspects, laying a solid foundation for the project to win honor .

            With the root length of 11 meters and the smooth and stable lifting of 19-ton steel components in place, the goal of Nanning China Resources project to break through the horizon was achieved, marking that the high-rise building under construction in Guangxi officially entered the main construction phase.


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