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            Steel box girder suspension bridge is completed
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            Guangdong Provincial Highway Construction Co., Ltd. said on the 21st that the main tower caps of the Weizhou Waterway Bridge of Humen No. 2 Bridge were poured, marking the completion of the construction of the main tower foundations of the two super-meter long-span suspension bridges. Anchor construction spans an important engineering node.

            The Humen Second Bridge Weizhou Waterway Bridge has a total length of 1688 meters, and its pile foundation has a diameter of 2.8 meters and a length of 88.5 meters, which is one of the large-scale group pile foundations in the Mainland. The bearing platform is a round-end dumbbell type with a thickness of 7 meters and an area equivalent to 8 basketball courts. The anchorage pit has a diameter of 90 meters and a depth of 29 meters.

            According to the introduction of Guangdong Provincial Highway Construction Co., Ltd., because the anchorage is close to the Pearl River dyke, the surface silt is tens of meters deep, the surrounding fish ponds are full of water, and the underground rock layer is cracked and cracked. Under such conditions, the construction of ultra-large-scale foundation pits faces the environment. There are many problems such as protection, dikes, ground wall sealing, and drainage of foundation pits. "Especially when drilling such a large-scale pile foundation in the estuary of the Pearl River, which is densely packed with ships, and drilling such a large-scale pile in an ultra-thick and ultra-deep rock layer, it poses a severe challenge to the construction organization and equipment. At peak times, almost all the high-power rotary rigs in the Mainland were dimmed To ensure the quality and progress of the project. "

            It is reported that. The completion of the pouring of the main tower cap of the Luzhou Suido Bridge indicates that the construction of the main structure of the main tower of Humen No. 2 Bridge has been completed, and it has entered the stage of tower construction, laying the foundation for the smooth opening of the Humen No. 2 Bridge project as planned.

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