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            How long can steel structure works
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            Advantages of steel structure engineering: Steel structure engineering scope: residential buildings, real estate development, metropolitan areas with limited land, industrial buildings and commercial and civil buildings. Wide range of uses.

            Steel structure engineering design: door steel structure, the frame is mostly H-shaped steel composite frame steel. Steel structure floor slab design: Steel structure engineering floor slabs are often used for rolling floor slabs and cast-reinforced concrete (referred to as steel plate concrete). The slab thickness is generally not less than 150mm. If steel beams and steel-concrete concrete slabs are used together, called MST composite beams, as long as the calculations are correct, the reinforcement is reasonable, the studs are reliable, and steel plates used for floor and roof steel beams can save about 20%, and it is not necessary. Check the stability of the steel beam. Compared with concrete construction, steel structure construction greatly saves construction time and construction is not affected by seasons;

            The basic design method of steel structure engineering: the foundation requires high foundation, the depth is 1.5m-3m, and the composite ground beam is complementary.

            The steel structure project has a flexible interior layout and high housing prices. The indoor partition wall is used for small carrying capacity and can be flexibly designed for indoor layout (such as large open space, emptying, receding, layering, etc.); the wall thickness is about 1/2 of the traditional structure, and the internal use area is increased. Over 10%, the house price is as high as 92%; the slab has no main beam, and the floor height increases by more than 200mm. Increase the use of living space, reduce construction waste and environmental pollution; construction materials can be reused, and steel structure raw materials promote the development of domestic real estate, building materials, and hardware industries; steel structure projects use composite walls and floors, various equipment, pipes can Embedded in it, intelligent technology equipment such as anti-theft, video intercom system, fresh air ventilation system can be combined with shell products. It has good anti-seismic performance, easy to modify in use, flexible and convenient, giving people a comfortable feeling.

            The advantages of steel structure engineering: steel structure engineering is 30% -50% lighter than reinforced concrete structure; in addition, the steel structure has a small cross section, the wall thickness is about 1/2 of the traditional structure, and the internal use area increases by more than 10%. House prices are up to 92%. The style is novel and elegant, fully showing the characteristics of steel structure and modern architectural style. Comprehensive service life of steel structure engineering: 70-100 years

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